Sunday, May 20, 2007

New version of LastPod released

A new version of LastPod has been released. It can be obtained here.


Unknown said... is hangup...


Chris Tilden said...


What exactly do you mean? I did notice that seemed to be experiencing problems this weekend.

Unknown said...

Is LastPod MAC compatable?

Chris Tilden said...


Yes, as long as you have Java 1.4 or greater installed. My friend uses it on Mac OSX, but I haven't tried it personally. I am developing it in GNU/Linux and it works fine there.

There is a feature to launch iTunes after exit, which probably does not work on the Mac.

If there are any problems would you let me know? (or submit fixes :-)

hvianna said...

It doesn't work on Mac for me. I'm using 10.6.3 version. Lastpod can not find the paths, neither can I

Any help? I used latpod on a pc, and it worked great :(

hvianna said...

Nevermind. It worked :D